Explore Kathy Butterly's whimsical ceramic sculptures spanning nearly three decades, curated from Elizabeth Harvey Levine's private collection and presented at James Cohan Gallery. Meticulously crafted and infused with humor, each petite porcelain and earthenware sculpture invites an intimate exploration into Butterly's vibrant artistic evolution.
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Organic Reflection: Steen Ipsen at HB381 Gallery

HB381 Gallery in Tribeca, NYC, presents "Organic Reflection," an exhibition featuring Copenhagen-based artist Steen Ipsen's mesmerizing biomorphic sculptures. MoCA/NY's writer Ilsy Jeon reviews Ipsen's debut US solo show, which highlights pieces from his "Ellipses", "Tied Up," and "Black Organic Movement" series, showcasing flawlessly glazed earthenware sculptures adorned with PVC and leather strands.
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Ceramic Guide to Faenza, Italy

In this edition of 36 Hours, Antonella Cimatti and Claudia Casali provides a guide to key ceramic destinations in Faenza, a small city in Emilia-Romagna, with a thousand years of ceramic history. Enjoy the itinerary that touches on the most important museums, studios, art “bottegas,” and incredible restaurants. Find these recommendations and many more using our Ceramic World Destinations Map!
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Ceramics and AI: Tech Fusion with Adam Chau

MoCA/NY's President Judith Schwartz speaks with Adam Chau about his ongoing commitment to embracing innovative technologies into his studio practice. Watch our full video interview with Chau where he elaborates on his use of artificial intelligence and 3-D printing to direct his subjects and style.
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Portals to Mouros - Tracing Identity with Isaac Scott at Lucy Lacoste Gallery

MoCA/NY's writer Ilsy Jeon speaks with Isaac Scott about his recent exhibition "Mouros" at Lucy Lacoste Gallery. Scott is a Philadelphia-based artist, curator, and photographer, whose provocative ceramics explore the lineage of the Slave Trade, the history of social, cultural, and racial exploitation, and how contemporary people and land carry the wounds of past generations' traumas.
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Ceramic Guide - Rome

In this edition of 36 Hours, Lori-Ann Touchette - Co-founder and Director of CRETA Rome - provides her insights and tips to key ceramic destinations as well as restaurants and bars in Rome. Rome has more than 120 museums and over 200 galleries. Our guide helps you build the perfect itinerary for your next trip to the city!
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Terra Sigillata (Re)imagined with Shamai Gibsh

llsy Jeon speaks with Shamai Sam Gibsh, an expert ceramicist and teacher, who recently published his book titled “Terra Sigillata: Smoke, Fire & Clay,” which explores the history, chemistry, and various methods of using and firing terra sigillata.
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Vulnerable Cultivars: Judy Fox's "Harvest" at Nancy Hoffman Gallery

MoCA/NY’s writer Ilsy Jeon speaks with Judy Fox about her recent exhibition titled Harvest at the Nancy Hoffman Gallery in Chelsea, New York City, which is on view until the 21st of October. The show includes fifty terra-cotta sculptures that portray animated fruits and vegetables in various sizes, all evoking a sense of sensuality, vulnerability, and humor—a delicious and amusing feast to the eye.
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Experimental Ceramics with Cory Brown

MoCA/NY's President Judith Schwartz speaks with Cory Brown about his creative use of new glaze technologies that influence his series of innovative and experimental sculptures.
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Exploring the World Upside Down with Patti Warashina

Patti Warashina, a renowned and acclaimed satirical ceramicist based in Washington (US), speaks with Ilsy Jeon about her recent solo exhibition at the Traver Gallery titled The World Upside Down. 
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Ceramic Guide - Amsterdam & the Hague

Ranti Tjan, former director of European Ceramic Workcentre, takes us on a journey to Amsterdam and the Hague in this wonderful and robust guide to key ceramic destinations and great restaurants, parks, and neighbourhoods in the Netherlands.
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Wild Clay

Ilsy Jeon speaks with Hitomi and Takuro Shibata about their book Wild Clay co-authored by Matt Levy and published by Bloomsbury Publishing.
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Cultural Heritage Sites

Mumbai Potters

Join us for a compelling interview with Judith Schwartz, President of MoCA/NY, and ceramic artist and filmmaker Rashi Jain, as Jain shares her short video on the Mumbai Potters and sheds light on the captivating cultural heritage site.
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36 Hours

Ceramic Guide - New York City

Here is MoCA/NY’s ceramic guide to 36 hours in the city known for being the fine art capital of the world.
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Clay + Tech

3-D Clay Printing with Kiichi Takeuchi

Ilsy Jeon, creative director and writer at MoCA/NY, speaks with Kiichi Takeuchi about his latest 3-D clay-printed project "Not For Tomato Soup Cup (Global Warming Cup)" and the intersection between ceramics and technology.
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In The Studio

Peter Lane

Peter Lane is a New York-based ceramic artist renowned for his large-scale installations, furniture, and decorative pieces that capture and embody the primal and sensual essence of nature and clay.
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Beril Anilanmert

Judith Schwartz speaks with Turkish ceramic artist Beril Anilanmert about her recent retrospective and her extensive and multi-faceted creative practice.
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Ivan Kanchev ad

Ceramic Highlights at ADAA - The Art Show 2023

The 35th Annual Edition of the ADAA (Art Dealers Association of America) - The Art Show 2023, held at the Park Avenue Armory, hosted 78 galleries exhibiting exciting works by noteworthy artists. MoCA/NY brings you a list of seven galleries representing notable ceramic artists.
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