Experimental Ceramics with Cory Brown

MoCA/NY's President Judith Schwartz speaks with Cory Brown about his creative use of new glaze technologies that influence his series of innovative and experimental sculptures. He describes his journey, first as a studio potter that used the Nerikome process - a technique that involves stacking colored clay and slicing through the cross-sections to reveal a pattern - and now uses this technique with experimental glaze and firing techniques for total transformations of form, color, texture and scale. 

Cory Brown received his MFA from the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University and is currently working at Amaco, developing new glazes for an international clientele. Watch our interview with Cory Brown to learn about his motivations, philosophy, liaison with Amaco, and most importantly the processes used to create extraordinarily inventive glazed sculptures that defy gravity.

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