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48 Hours in Çanakkale, Turkey

Explore Çanakkale, Turkey, famed for its ceramic legacy. Yeliz Saydan provides a comprehensive itinerary, guiding you through the renowned city, known as the 'Potter's City.' Çanakkale's ceramics, spanning centuries, showcase unique Anatolian Turkish artistry with motifs like horses and the ancient evil eye. Discover museums, studios, and cultural sites, offering a multifaceted experience!

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Ceramic Guide to Faenza, Italy

WHERE TO STAY? In Faenza, there are several Airbnbs, apartments, farmhouses and hotels where you can stay and find a nice room at a reasonable price. Check this link for options. The oldest and most famous hotel in the city is Hotel Vittoria, a medium-high-range Art Noveau hotel at a fair price, which is located […]

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Ceramic Guide - Rome

In this edition of 36 Hours, we give tips to key ceramic destinations in Rome. Rome has more than 120 museums and over 200 galleries so there’s an abundance of choice. Make sure to check the Ceramic World Destinations Map for more destinations in the city! This list is based on Lori-Ann Touchette's experience living as […]

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Ceramic Guide - Amsterdam & the Hague

In this edition of 36 Hours, Ranti Tjan gives tips to key ceramic destinations in Amsterdam and the Hague. The Netherlands, where both cities reside, is a small country but has beautiful places, museums, and restaurants.

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Ceramic Guide - New York City

On our Ceramic World Destinations map, there are more than 200 ceramic-related destinations in New York and while we suggest key places to visit, check the gallery and museum websites to find the current exhibition schedule. Our tour takes you to diverse neighborhoods where we also suggest restaurants, theaters, and nightlife conveniently located to complete […]

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