Exploring Light(ness) in Ceramics: Studio Visit with Antonella Cimatti

Ceramic artist Antonella Cimatti grants MoCA/NY an exclusive and intimate glimpse into her studio, unveiling her works that ingeniously employ cutting-edge technologies to delve into the realms of light, shadows, and the rich tapestry of ceramic history.

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Ceramics and AI: Tech Fusion with Adam Chau

MoCA/NY's President Judith Schwartz speaks with Adam Chau about his ongoing commitment to embracing innovative technologies into his studio practice. Watch our full video interview with Chau where he elaborates on his use of artificial intelligence and 3-D printing to direct his subjects and style.

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Experimental Ceramics with Cory Brown

MoCA/NY's President Judith Schwartz speaks with Cory Brown about his creative use of new glaze technologies that influence his series of innovative and experimental sculptures.

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3-D Clay Printing with Kiichi Takeuchi

   Ilsy Jeon, creative director and writer at MoCA/NY, speaks with Kiichi Takeuchi about his latest 3-D clay-printed project "Not For Tomato Soup Cup (Global Warming Cup)" and the intersection between ceramics and technology.     Originally from Japan, Kiichi moved to the US in 1998 to study computer science and has worked as a […]

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