Akio Takamori's Cross-Cultural Gaze

Keramikmuseum Westerwald German Collection of Historical and Contemporary Ceramics Lindenstraße 13 D - 56203 Höhr-Grenzhausen, Germany Weighted with sorrow, a diminutive ceramic figure of the German Chancellor Willy Brandt kneels on a plinth, hands stacked and head tilted down. His eyes are swollen, and furrowed frown lines are etched with creases, echoing in the graphic […]

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The Mapping of American History: "Points of Origin" at C24 Gallery

"Points of Origin" at C24 Gallery features Tammie Rubin's ceramic masks, prayer fans, and drawings that symbolize faith and explore American history, with a focus on The Great Migration. Through meticulously crafted forms, Rubin visually and conceptually maps the significant historical events that shaped the United States.

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Exploring Identity and Cultural Dichotomies with Brendan Lee Satish Tang at C24 Gallery

Delve into the captivating fusion of Ming Dynasty aesthetics and anime-inspired robotics in Brendan Lee Satish Tang's 'Manga Ormolu' series, currently on view in the duo-exhibition 'Cultured' at C24 Gallery. Unveil Tang's intricate process of melding Asian heritage with Western influences, delving into the complex narratives of identity, cultural assimilation, and societal perceptions.

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A Beloved Collection - Kathy Butterly at James Cohan Gallery

James Cohan Gallery - Tribeca, NYC 48 WALKER ST NEW YORK, NY 10013 For over three decades, New York-based ceramic artist Kathy Butterly has ventured into the realms of color, form, and the intricacies of ceramics. Her relentless dedication and mastery of clay have solidified her position as a prominent and revered figure in contemporary […]

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Organic Reflection: Steen Ipsen at HB381 Gallery

HB381 Gallery - Tribeca, NYC 381 Broadway, New York, NY 10013 Lighting up the corner of Broadway and White Street sits HB381, Hostler Burrow’s contemporary art gallery in Tribeca, exhibiting recent works of Copenhagen-based ceramic artist Steen Ipsen. Ipsen's immaculately crafted, vibrant, and dynamic biomorphic sculptures draw the attention of passersby, captivating onlookers through the […]

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Portals to Mouros - Tracing Identity with Isaac Scott at Lucy Lacoste Gallery

MoCA/NY's writer Ilsy Jeon speaks with Isaac Scott about his recent exhibition "Mouros" at Lucy Lacoste Gallery. Scott is a Philadelphia-based artist, curator, and photographer, whose provocative ceramics explore the lineage of the Slave Trade, the history of social, cultural, and racial exploitation, and how contemporary people and land carry the wounds of past generations' traumas.

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Vulnerable Cultivars: Judy Fox's "Harvest" at Nancy Hoffman Gallery

MoCA/NY’s writer Ilsy Jeon speaks with Judy Fox about her recent exhibition titled Harvest at the Nancy Hoffman Gallery in Chelsea, New York City, which is on view until the 21st of October. The show includes fifty terra-cotta sculptures that portray animated fruits and vegetables in various sizes, all evoking a sense of sensuality, vulnerability, and humor—a delicious and amusing feast to the eye. 

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Exploring the World Upside Down with Patti Warashina

Patti Warashina, a renowned and acclaimed satirical ceramicist based in Washington (US), speaks with Ilsy Jeon about her recent solo exhibition at the Traver Gallery titled The World Upside Down. 

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Beril Anilanmert

  Explore the artistic journey of Beril Anilanmert in this captivating video, where her process, philosophy, and creative practice come to life. The video also offers an exclusive look at her recent retrospective, known as Logbook.   See below for a full interview with Beril Anilanmert and Judith Schwartz. Judith Schwartz speaks with Beril Anilanmert, […]

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